Brown rice flour is a natural sweetener that is less effective than sugar or honey. The flour has a smooth, slightly nutty taste. Made from brown rice, the syrup works well as a direct replacement for corn syrup, honey, and molasses. You can also use the syrup as a substitute for granulated sugar and brown sugar, although you need to slightly reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe to compensate for the liquid volume of the syrup.
  • A bevy of dessert bars can be made with brown rice syrup. Sticky brownies, regular or gluten-free, are just as chocolatey with brown rice syrup as they are with granulated sugar. Bake oatmeal blondies with brown rice flour for a soft sweet dessert. Use brown rice syrup in apple crumble bars to add nutty background flavor.
  • Brown rice flour also works for cookies like any other sweetener. Mix up a batch of date and raisin oatmeal cookies with brown rice syrup to keep the flavor light. Try an earthy twist on chocolate chip cookies by adding brown rice syrup instead of brown sugar. Stir brown rice syrup into cinnamon spiced tea cookies for a subtle sweet taste.
  • brown rice flour works for any type of cake. Use brown rice syrup in a lemon cake recipe to give the mini treats a natural sweetness. Mix brown rice syrup into chocolate cake and top with dark chocolate frosting for a potent dessert. Pound cake in brown rice syrup to give the mellow dessert a touch of nutty flavor.
brown rice syrup, water, lemon juice and cinnamon for a delicately tangy flavor. Cook apples in brown rice syrup and white wine for a sophisticated dessert. For a strong punch of flavor, go by poaching peaches in brown rice syrup, orange juice, nutmeg and cloves

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